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Safety Signs

Take Safety Seriously!

It's always worth checking that you have all the correct safety signs in all the correct places. Absolute Graphix can supply virtually any type of safety sign for any type of situation. Our safety signs are available in variety of sizes, materials, and fixing options.

Keeping people safe at your place of work

As an employer, you are required to provide and maintain safety signs wherever any risks to health and safety have not been avoided by other means. In addition, you also need to train your staff in the meaning of saftey signs and symbols. To ensure you have all the correct safety signs, follow the basic procedure below:

Conduct a risk assessment
Ensure fire equipment and emergency exits are clearly signed
Ensure hazardous substances, storage areas, and obstacles are clearly signed
Use signs to prohibit entry into dangerous areas
Make sure any mandatory requirements (such as wearing safety clothing) is clearly signed
Clearly sign all First Aid equipment and areas
Use signs to indicate prohibited behaviour (such as no smoking)
Ensure your signage is DDA compliant where applicable

Types of Safety Sign

There are five main types of safety sign which denote different aspects of health and safety in the workplace. They are:

Prohibition Prohibition - "Stop!"
A red circular band with a diagonal cross bar on a white background; the symbol within the circle to be black.
To indicate that a certain behaviour is prohibited.
| Do not | You must not
Hazard Hazard - "Danger"
A yellow triangle with a black border and black symbol.
To warn of any type of hazard.
Danger | Hazard | Caution | Beware | Careful
Mandatory Mandatory - "Obey"
A blue circle with a white symbol.
Indicates that a specific course of action must be taken.
Obey | You must | Carry out instructions shown | Do
Fire Equipment Fire Equipment - "Fire"
A red oblong or square with a white symbol.
To describe the location of firefighting equipment.
Location of fire fighting equipment | Type of fire fighting equipment
Safe Condition Safe Condition - "Safety"
A green oblong or square with a white symbol or text.
To provide information about safe conditions.
The safe way | Where to go in emergencies | First aid

Some More Information...

Safety signs are a common site in workplaces all over the world. The use of pictorial symbols which we all take for granted are all thoroughly tested to ensure that they communicate their intended message effectively, and many have to conform to some strict legal and accessibility standards.

Legal Obligations

Employers have a legal obligation to conduct risk assessments, use health and safety signs in areas which may contain hazards, and ensure that all fire routes are marked.

Fire Regulations

New fire regulations which came into force in October 2006 have a strong focus on fire prevention and has a risk-assessment based approach to fire safety. Safety signs play a major role in this and you need to make sure that you are up-to-date. Since 1996 all emergency escape signs and fire equipment signs must include a pictorial symbol. If you have any out-of-date signs then you are legally obliged to get them changed! Remember: no "text only" signs allowed to indicate fire routes or emergency exits.

Anti-Smoking Regulations

In 2007 it became illegal to smoke in any enclosed workspace, whether it was a pub, restaurant, garage, workshop, office, or studio. As more and more of the UK goes non-smoking you need to make sure that your signs are up-to-date and clearly visible. You may even need to increase the number of signs in your workplace to conform to new regulations.

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